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    Piloncillo and Pumpkin

    Pumpkin in syrup1

    Calabaza en Jarabe is pumpkin in syrup. This is a tasty old-fashioned Mexican dessert that you can serve for Halloween. Piloncillo is the traditional cone shape of unrefined sugar commonly used in Mexican cooking. Piloncillo (which means little pylon) is made when sugar cane is crushed, the juice is collected and boiled then poured into […] More

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    Turnip Cooking Tips

    Turnips battered and baked1

    Let turnips surprise you. They may not be wildly popular but they can be tasty. Here are a few suggestions for serving turnips: • Serve slices of raw young turnips with olives and cherry tomatoes to make a simple appetizer. • Shave raw turnips, crisp them in iced water, sprinkle with salt, and serve as […] More

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    Daikon: Kitchen Basics

    Daikon and green salad

    Daikon is a long white radish sweet-mild to peppery in flavor and juicy crisp. Daikon–which means “long root” in Japanese–is most commonly eaten raw or stir-fried. It is a staple in nearly all meals in Japan, Korea, and China. Daikon is often shredded and served as an accompaniment to Japanese raw fish dishes, such as […] More

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    A Toast To You

    Wes hál! Be hale! Be in good health! From the Old Norse language ves heill to the Old English wes hál to the Modern English Be in good health! This toast is to you on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. From wes hál came wassail, the drink, and the Anglo-Saxon tradition of wassailing–toasting to […] More