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    April Seed Starting Veggies Zone-by-Zone

    Starting seeds indoors

    Here are seed starting tips–both indoors and outdoors–and schedule for April zone-by-zone. If you are unfamiliar with the USDA zone where you live, look at the minimum annual temperature guideline following each zone. Soil and Seed Starting Mix Getting seed started indoors is essentially the same as sowing seed outdoors directly in the garden. If […] More

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    April Warm-Region Kitchen Garden Almanac

    Seedling Pumpkin

    April is a month of quick transition in the the kitchen garden. The last frost will come this month in warm-winter regions. True spring has already arrived in most southern and coastal gardens. If the lilacs are in bloom in your area, the time has come to sow directly in the kitchen garden. Successive cool-weather […] More

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    April Planting In The Southern Hemisphere

    Fall and winter crops should be planted out during April in the cool, temperate regions of the Southern Hemisphere—Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. And now is the time to enjoy the fall colors as deciduous trees put on their show of the year. In the coolest regions, plant early in the […] More