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    Apricot Varieties

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    The best place to start with apricots is sampling them fresh out of hand. Select apricots that are golden orange and plump, not too soft and not too hard. Apricots that are soft and ripe will have the best flavor. Give them the taste test immediately. Fresh apricots come to market from mid-spring to mid-summer, […] More

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    Apricots: Kitchen Basics

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    There are two apricots you must simply eat out of hand: ‘Blenheim’ is a medium to large, sweet and aromatic, and very juicy apricot with a classic apricot flavor; ‘Moorpark’ is a large, sweet, aromatic, and juicy apricot with a rich plum-like taste. You will find dozens of varieties of just-picked apricots to choose from […] More