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    Melon en Surprise

    Melon and berry dish1

    Melon en Surprise was Auguste Escoffier’s title for a five line description of a tasty combination of melons and other fresh fruits in his 1903 masterpiece Le Guide Culinaire. Of course, Escoffier was working from the notes and techniques of Antoine Carême, an earlier codifier of French Haute cuisine. But as you will see here, […] More

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    Summer and Winter Melons: Kitchen Basics

    Melon Honeydew slices1

    There are two ways to eat melon: at the beginning of a meal as an hors d’oeuvre or starter for savory dishes or at the end as a dessert fruit. The high water content of melons makes them refreshing especially during hot summer weather, but because they are so high in water content they are […] More

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    Winter Melons: Selection

    Melon Casaba2

    Honeydew, casaba and Cavaillon melons are classed as winter melons because they ripen more slowly than other melons and are usually not ready until late fall. After harvest, they even continue to ripen in storage. Choose. Honeydews should have a smooth, evenly yellow rind that is slightly green at the stem end. Look for honeydews […] More