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    Dandelion Greens: Kitchen Basics

    Dandelion greens can be added to a lettuce salad to add some tang.  Young bright green dandelion greens can be served raw in salads. Mature dandelions are better cooked. Spring is a prime time for tender, free-range dandelion greens. How to Choose Dandelions The leaves of younger plants will be less bitter. If you pick […] More

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    There is curly endive and then there is frisée. They are the same, but they are not. The difference? Frisée—pronounced free-ZAY—is a petite, pale curly endive produced by blanching. It has an opened, flattened shape. Its leaves are frizzy and finely cut, yellow-white to yellow-apple green in color. Frisée has a bittersweet taste and it’s […] More

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    Arugula: The Zesty Rocket

    Late summer is the time to find fresh arugula at the farm market. You might find it under a few of its other names: garden rocket, rocket salad, rucchetta, rughetta, rucola (the Italian name), and roquette (the French name). The taste of arugula has been described as tangy, peppery, nutty and mustard sharp. You get […] More

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    Mesclun: The French Salad Mix

    Mesclun is the French word for “mixture.” Mesclun is a mix of tender, young salad green leaves. Mesclun mixes usually include a variety of lettuces and European and Asian salad greens that grow under similar conditions, have similar rates of maturity, and taste good together. Greens can be mixed by season, by flavor, by color, […] More