• Growing Perennial Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits

    Asparagus in spring

    Adding edible perennials to your garden will give you many years of harvest pleasure. Asparagus, artichokes, Jerusalem artichokes, rhubarb, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and perennial herbs are easy-to-grow perennial edibles. Planning to plant perennial crops Perennials live in one place for several years and have different management needs than annuals. Dedicate specific growing spaces to each […] More

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  • How to Train and Prune a Fruit Tree

    Young fruit trees require early training. It is best to begin training a fruit tree as soon as it is planted. Young tree training is best continued for the first three or four years of the tree’s life. Training a fruit tree includes staking, pruning, and branch spreading. All of these will help create a […] More

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  • Ways to Serve Kiwifruit

    Kiwi fruit1

    The flavor of kiwifruit is all kiwifruit: sweet tart with hints of citrus, strawberry, pineapple, and melon. Kiwifruit flavor is unique. Kiwifruit is a great breakfast fruit. Halve the kiwi crosswise and simply scoop it out and eat it chilled and fresh with a small spoon. A peeled kiwi can be served halved or quartered […] More

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  • Ways to Serve Grapefruit

    Grapefruit red half1

    Grapefruits in general are dived into natural types: there are common white or yellow-fleshed grapefruits, and there are pigmented or pale pink to ruby red grapefruits. There are also seeded and seedless grapefruits. Beyond flesh color and seeds, you can generally say that seeded grapefruits are more flavorful than seedless. Grapefruits have a sharper flavor […] More

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  • Ways to Prepare and Serve Passion Fruit

    Passion fruit1

    Slice a fresh passion fruit in half, place it in the palm of your hand, and enjoy its juicy, slightly musky sweet-tart tropical flavor with a spoon. Both the fruit and juice of the passion fruit combine well with other fruits and juices, especially tropical fruits. In addition to being eaten fresh, passion fruit can […] More

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  • Planting Bare-Root Fruit Trees and Vines

    Bare root trees and vines are field grown, then dug during the winter when they are dormant. They are stored and shipped with all the soil removed from the roots–bare root. Bare root trees and vines are usually less expensive than those sold in containers. Young trees and vines without soil weigh less and are […] More

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  • Home Fruit Garden Maintenace Calendar

    Apple blossoms

    Spring checklist for fruit growers Fruit Tree Care Products from Amazon: Early summer checklist for fruit growers Mid-summer checklist for fruit growers Fruit Trees Crop-by-Crop Tips Click on any of the following crops to see complete growing and harvesting information and tips. Apple Pear Plum Cherry Apricot Peach and Nectarine Fig Bushes, Brambles, and Soft […] More

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  • How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Passion Fruit

    Passion Fruit bigstock Green Passion Fruit Hanging On 230395270 scaled

    Passion fruit is a form of berry that grows on the passion fruit plant, also called the passionfruit vine. Passion fruit is easy to grow. Passion fruit belongs to a large family of vining plants, some are ornamental, and many produce edible fruits. The passion flower is among the most beautiful and striking flowers. The […] More

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  • Planning the Home Fruit Garden

    blueberry bush

    Planning the home fruit garden requires a bit more future-thinking than the vegetable garden. Most vegetables are annuals or biennials and spend just one or two seasons in the garden. Most fruits are trees or shrubs and live for 10 to 50 years or more. The first consideration in planning an edible garden—either fruit or […] More

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  • Fruit Tree Chill Hours

    Apple bigstock Close up Droplets On Opening S 299396203 scaled

    Chill hours are the number of cold hours or days that a deciduous fruit tree (or nut tree) requires for flowering and fruit production each year. Every fruit tree variety has its own number of hours of chill needed for fruit production. Some fruit trees need as few as 100 chill hours, others need as […] More

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  • How to Grow Grapefruit Trees in the Home Garden

    bigstock Grapefruit Hanging From The Tr 302857504 1 scaled

    Tangy grapefruit can be eaten raw—by the half or peeled and sectioned, it can be added to green and fruit salads and compotes, and it can be juiced. Grapefruits require heat to develop their sweet-tart flavor. A grapefruit that feels heavy for its size is ripe and ready to eat or juice. Grapefruits are best […] More

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