• Planning the Home Fruit Garden

    Planning the home fruit garden requires a bit more future-thinking than the vegetable garden. Most vegetables are annuals or biennials and spend just one or two seasons in the garden. Most fruits are trees or shrubs and live for 10 to 50 years or more. The first consideration in planning an edible garden—either fruit or […] More

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  • Fruit Tree Chill Hours

    Fruit chill hours

    Chill hours are the number of cold hours or days that a deciduous fruit tree (or nut tree) requires for flowering and fruit production each year. Every fruit tree variety has its own number of hours of chill needed for fruit production. Some fruit trees need as few as 100 chill hours, others need as […] More

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  • Pruning Fruit Trees for Fruit

    Prune fruit tree

    Fruit trees can be grown for fruit or shade. If you are growing a fruit tree for shade, pruning is not necessary. If you are growing a fruit tree for fruit, you should prune. A fruit tree that goes unpruned will produce fruit, but in all likelihood, the fruit will be smaller and less flavorful […] More

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  • How to Grow Passion Fruit

    grow passion fruit

    Passion fruit is a form of berry that grows on the passion fruit plant. There are two types of passion fruit purple and yellow. The fruit of the purple passion fruit plant is purple. That fruit is slightly smaller than a lemon. The fruit of the yellow passion fruit plant is bright yellow. That fruit […] More

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  • Grapefruits for Backyard Gardens

    grapefruit on tree

    Tangy grapefruit can be eaten raw—by the half or peeled and sectioned, it can be added to green and fruit salads and compotes, and it can be juiced. Grapefruits require heat to develop their sweet-tart flavor. A grapefruit that feels heavy for its size is ripe and ready to eat or juice. Grapefruits are best […] More

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  • Insecticides for Organically Grown Vegetables and Fruits

    Insecticides are substances used to control insect pests. There are insecticides derived from plants, animals, and natural mineral sources, and there are pesticides derived from synthetically produced chemicals. Naturally derived pesticides are often accepted for use on or around organically grown vegetables and fruits. Synthetically produced insecticides are not used in natural or organic gardening […] More

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  • Baked Fruit and Nut Stuffed Apples

    The baked stuffed apple is a delicious, traditional, and easy-to-make winter and holiday treat. I bake these apples on the oven shelf right under the baking ham. Choose any one or two of these great baking apples for this tasty dessert: Honeycrisp is sweet, Braeburn is sweet-spicy, Jonagold and Rome Beauty are sweet-tart, and Granny […] More

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  • Corn Earworm and Tomato Fruitworm Control

    The corn earworm—which is also known as the tomato fruitworm and the cotton bollworm—is a caterpillar that eats the fruit and leaves of corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers, squash, lettuce, peas, potatoes, and other crops. Corn earworms follow corn silks into the tips of husks and chew their way through the kernels. As tomato fruitworms they […] More

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  • Grapefruit Toppings

    Grapefruit can be sweet and a tad bitter or loud and sour. Grapefruit is well matched with avocado, Campari, Champagne, crab, fresh ginger, honey, lemon, lime, fresh mint, pomegranate, and brown or white sugar. To simply eat grapefruit out of hand with a spoon try one of the following toppings for each grapefruit half:   […] More

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  • Mid-Summer Fruit Calendar and Maintenance

    summer apple harvest

    Fruits are ripening by mid-summer. Keep fruit trees and vines thoroughly watered; avoid letting plants dry out, especially newly planted fruits and fruits growing in containers. Scavenging birds and insects will be looking for an opening as fruits ripen. Use bird netting or reflective tape to scare birds away; spray away insects with a strong […] More

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