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    Best Cold Frame Site

    Cold frame site

    A cold frame can help you extend your growing season by capturing the warming rays of the winter sun and holding them. Even the simplest cold frame can lengthen your growing season by several weeks. To get the most out of your cold frame give some forethought to the site where it will best perform. […] More

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    Making a Cold Frame

    Cold frame making

    Boards, planks, bricks, concrete blocks, even bales of hay or mounded soil can be used to make a cold frame. Often a home-made cold frame is a simple four-sided wooden box with no bottom and a clear glass or plastic top. A cold frame can be permanent or portable. Cold frames can vary in size: […] More

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    Extending the Season: how to get more time out of your garden

    Cold frame small

    Use cloches and cold frames to extend the growing season, either in spring or autumn. When freezing temperatures are expected, most vegetable garden crops will benefit from protection. The simplest crop protection–a light blanket or overturned cardboard box–will protect plants by 1° or 2°F. A plastic or glass cloche, plastic tunnel, or simple cold frame […] More