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    Rose Care Basics

    Roses want good drainage, lots of sunlight, nutrients, and water. Many of these needs can be satisfied at planting time. Caring for established roses Feeding roses Watering roses Winterizing roses Protecting roses for winter weather depends on the severity of winter weather and the rose. Here are protection suggestions by Zone: Rose wind protection Roses […] More

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    How to Prune Roses

    Prune roses to direct growth outwards in an even fashion. Prune to keep the center of the rose open so air can circulate and prevent disease. When to prune roses Prune roses in late winter or early spring just as red leaf buds begin to appear on stems. Buds will turn into news stems and […] More

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    How to Plant Roses

    Roses are not difficult to grow. To grow roses in your garden all you need to do is meet their basic needs: choose a suitable site, prepare the soil, and select the right roses for the location. Roses are long-lived—most roses will be in the garden for 20 years or more. In exchange for the […] More

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    Roses in Garden Design

    Roses offer the garden designer a wide palette of colors, sizes, bloom times, and functions in the landscape. Roses bloom in every color except black. There are shrub and hedge roses, climbing roses, bush roses, groundcover roses, and miniature roses. Roses in the garden and landscape When adding roses to the garden consider first how […] More