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    Pear Pruning

    Pear tree fruiting1

    Pear trees are best pruned in winter when they are dormant. There are several varieties of pear trees and habits of growth differ widely. All pear trees produce fruit from spurs on wood two- and three-years-old. Fruiting spurs should be preserved when pear trees are pruned. For a backyard pear tree, you can choose to […] More

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    Apple Pruning

    Pruning fruit tree1

    Apple trees are best pruned in winter when they are dormant. Young apple trees can grow narrow and erect or open and spreading. At maturity, the apple tree will be spreading. Prune young narrow and erect apple trees by cutting branches just above buds which are pointed away from the center of the tree. Prune […] More

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    Young Fruit Tree Training and Pruning

    Young fruit trees require early training. It is best to begin training a fruit tree as soon as it is planted. Young tree training is best continued for the first three or four years of the tree’s life. Training a fruit tree includes staking, pruning, and branch spreading. All of these will help create a […] More

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    Thinning Apples

    Apple cluster

    Too many apples? Sometimes, yes. The best way to get large, delicious apples is thinning the crop. Thinning Apple Basics Thin the fruit to a distance of twice the diameter of the fruit at maturity. If you expect the mature apples to be 3-inches across, leave 6 inches between each apple after thinning. If you’re […] More