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    How to Prune Roses

    Prune roses to direct growth outwards in an even fashion. Prune to keep the center of the rose open so air can circulate and prevent disease. When to prune roses Prune roses in late winter or early spring just as red leaf buds begin to appear on stems. Buds will turn into news stems and […] More

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    How to Prune a Hedge

    Once a hedge is established, regular pruning and maintenance must follow to keep the growth dense and healthy. The frequency, timing, and degree of pruning depends on the style of the hedge and hedge plants chosen. Hedges are usually described as formal or informal, depending on how they are pruned Pruning formal hedges Formal hedges […] More

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    How to Prune Evergreen Plants

    Evergreen shrubs and trees usually require little other pruning beyond the removal of dead, diseased, or injured branches unless they are being trained or shaped. That means evergreens can be lightly pruned to enhance their natural form or they can be heavily pruned to an unnatural form—usually to the form of a hedge or topiary. […] More

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    How to Prune Shrubs

    Most shrubs have a naturally lovely shape; they can be ruined by over-pruning. As a general rule: shrubs look best if left natural looking. Prune shrubs to enhance their natural shape and to encourage healthy growth. Correctly pruned, a shrub will look as if it had not been pruned at all. Shrubs like trees are […] More

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    Pruning a Deciduous Tree

    Deciduous trees require minimal pruning. Pruning begins at planting time and continues with regularity for three years or so. Once the form of a tree has been established with initial early pruning, there will be occasional pruning in the years that follow–mostly maintenance pruning to ensure the health and form of the tree. General guidelines […] More

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    Pruning Basics

    Pruning involves trimming out unwanted or unhealthy plant growth to benefit the remaining portions of the plant. Pruning is always secondary to the constant good management of plants. Why prune Pruning can do the following: When to prune The time for pruning varies with the type of plant and the results you want to achieve. […] More