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    Plums: Kitchen Basics


    There are all different, shapes, sizes, and colors of plums to be tried. Ripe plums can range in texture from firm to slightly soft. They can range in flavor from deliciously sweet to tasty- tart. Plums can be pink, red, scarlet, purple, blue-black, green, yellow or amber skinned. Their flesh can be yellow, green, pink, […] More

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    Casselman Plums

    Plum Casselman1

    The plum standard is the Santa Rosa plum: that is the rich-tart purplish-crimson skinned plum with amber flesh that shades to dark red near the skin. The Casselman plum is an improved, late season Santa Rosa plum hybrid with a bright red skin and plenty of flavor. The Casselman is one of the so-called Japanese […] More