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    How to Harvest and Store Okra

    Okra pods on plant 1

    Harvest okra when pods are 1 to 4 inches long. Pods are ready for harvest about 60 days after sowing.  Okra, sometimes called gumbo, is a summer and fall crop. Okra flowers bloom for just one day and pods are ready for picking two or three days later. Harvest Okra Harvest okra when the pods are […] More

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    When to Plant Okra

    Okra seedlings

    Plant okra seedlings in the garden 3 to 4 weeks after the last frost in spring. Start okra seeds indoors 6 to 8 weeks before setting out plants. Direct sow okra in the garden after the last frost in spring when the soil has warmed to 60°F (16°C). Okra is a warm-season crop.  Okra grows […] More

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    Seven Ways to Cook and Serve Okra

    Okra with tomatoes and garlic

    Okra is easily cooked and served. Okra has a rich, sweet earthy flavor. The flavor is similar to eggplant with hints of asparagus and artichoke.  The peak okra harvest season mid to late summer.  How to Choose Okra Select young, tender okra pods free of bruises. Okra pods should be firm to the touch with […] More