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    Grapefruit Toppings

    Grapefruit slice1

    Grapefruit can be sweet and a tad bitter or loud and sour. Grapefruit is well matched with avocado, Campari, Champagne, crab, fresh ginger, honey, lemon, lime, fresh mint, pomegranate, and brown or white sugar. To simply eat grapefruit out of hand with a spoon try one of the following toppings for each grapefruit half: 1 […] More

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    Citrus Tree Pruning

    Citrus Tree Pruning - Eureka Lemon Tree

    Citrus trees are largely self-shaping, requiring little pruning. Occasional pruning to shape leggy branches or to give a citrus tree the desired shape can be done any time of the year except winter. Pinch back tips of new growth to help round out citrus trees. Cut back erratic new growth or trunk suckers not wanted above […] More

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    Grapefruit Varieties

    Grapefruit Ruby Red2

    Here’s a quick reference for grapefruit varities: Duncan: lots of seeds, white flesh with great flavor; excellent for juicing; perhaps the oldest variety. Flame: nearly seedless with red flesh and a slight rind blush. Marsh (Marsh Seedless): nearly seedless, white-fleshed, medium-size with smooth yellow skin; it’s very juicy, tender and aromatic. You’ll find a balance […] More

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    Grapefruit: Kitchen Basics

    Grapefruit red half1

    Grapefruits in general are dived into natural types: there are common white or yellow-fleshed grapefruits, and there are pigmented or pale pink to ruby red grapefruits. There are also seeded and seedless grapefruits. Beyond flesh color and seeds, you can generally say that seeded grapefruits are more flavorful than seedless. Grapefruits have a sharper flavor […] More