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    Dried Beans: Cooking

    Beans dried soaking in water1

    Dried beans eaten fresh meaning during the season just after they have been harvested and dried–will undoubtedly be the best tasting. But a big plus for dried beans is that they have a long shelf life if stored in a dry, cool, airtight container away from sunlight. Quite easily, you can keep dried beans on […] More

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    All About Dry Beans — Growing and Cooking

    MIxed dry beans

    Dried beans are cooked and served in many ways–in salads, soups, casseroles, stews, and chilis. Dried beans can be served alone or as a side dish with meat or pasta or rice. Dried beans are commonly boiled and then sometimes baked or refried. Dried beans are beans whose seeds are dried and shelled after reaching […] More