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    Cucumber Growing

    Cucumber seedling1

    Slicing cucumbers and pickling cucumbers: that’s how cucumbers are divided. It is said that the ancient Roman Emperor Tiberius demanded cucumbers on his table every day of the year. The story does not say if they were slicing or pickling cucumbers; maybe both. The English or Holland or European cucumber are thick meated and seedless. […] More

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    Fresh Eating Cucumbers: ‘Diva’ and ‘Amira’

    Cucumber Amira

    Can there actually be two “World’s Best Cucumber”? To decide, taste ‘Diva’ and ‘Amira’ two very tasty slicing cucumbers. ‘Diva’ comes to the competition with all of the fanfare. In 2002, ‘Diva’ became an All-America Selection—which is a sort of growers’ Academy Award for best performing plants. ‘Amira’ has never taken home the All-America Selection […] More

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    Cucumber Serving and Cooking Tips

    Cucumber tomato salad

    There are many ways to eat cucumbers raw or cooked. Sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, and parsley or spring onions are the ingredients of a tasty warm-weather salad or sandwich. Add minced cucumbers and dill to plain yogurt to make a cooling warm weather soup or snack. Steam or sauté cucumbers and enjoy them as a vegetable […] More