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    Cold Frame Calendar

    Cold frame

    A cold frame is a bottomless box with a clear or translucent top. It is set on the ground or over a planting bed to capture solar energy and heat the air, soil, and plants inside. A cold frame can extend the growing season by one to several months. A cold frame can keep plants […] More

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    Shade Cloth Hoop Tunnels Protect Vegetables

    Shade for vegetables 1

    A hoop tunnel can create instant shade to protect leafy greens and other cool-season vegetables from the intense summer sun. Cover half hoops made of PVC pipe, stiff wire, or construction- or chicken wire with shade cloth or light horticultural cloth to keep leafy crops from sun-burning. Good Products for Season Extension at Amazon: For […] More

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    Mulch: Hot Weather Vegetable Garden Protection

    Mulch Chinese cabbage1

    Mulch reduces evaporation from the soil surface, moderates soil temperature, and insulates roots from summer heat (and winter cold). Mulch suppresses weeds, reduces soil compaction, prevents erosion, and adds organic matter to the soil. Mulch is any material that protects the soil surface and allows air and water through. Organic mulches–mulches derived from plant materials–not […] More

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    Vegetable Seedling Protection

    Crop protection cages2

    Protect vegetable seedlings planted in the garden from cool and cold nighttime temperatures. Protect warm-season seedlings such as tomatoes and peppers from temperatures below 55°F. Protect cool-season seedlings such as lettuce and cabbage from temperatures below 45°F. Cages and tunnels covered with plastic are quick ways to protect crops and extend the warmth needed for […] More