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    Cool-Weather Edibles for Fall and Spring Harvest

    Pansies and violas1

    Salad greens, sweet root crops, and peas are cool-weather vegetables for fall and spring harvest. These edibles want to get their start in warm soil—either in the mid- or late-summer garden for autumn harvest or indoors or undercover for spring harvest; they eant to come out of the garden while temperatures are cool—averaging in the […] More

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    Fall Harvest Vegetable Varieties

    Harvest in cool season1

    Fall harvest crops are planted in mid- to late-summer.  These cool-season crops get a quick start from seed or seedling in warm summer soil and come to maturity in the cool days of autumn. Choose crop varieties with shorter days to harvest; some cabbage takes 90 days to harvest; other varieties are ready sooner. Choose varieties […] More

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    Vegetables for Fall Harvest

    Harvest roots1

    Leafy greens, root vegetables, and members of the cabbage family are good fall harvest crops. These crops can be planted in mid- to late-summer for fall harvest. Fall harvest crops are generally cool-weather crops, the same ones commonly planted in late winter or early spring for late spring or early summer harvest. Where autumn weather […] More

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    Late Summer Vegetable Garden

    Zucchini on vine1

    Begin to think about harvest in mid to late summer. Warm-weather crops will be ready then. Keeping the soil evenly moist as crops finish maturing is important; you will stop watering many crops just a week or two before picking to concentrate flavor. Succession planting of summer crops where there is enough season left before […] More

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    Chinese Vegetables: Cool-Season Varieties

    Peas snow peas1

    Chinese vegetables, sometimes called Oriental vegetables, favored in Chinese and Asian cooking are easy to grow. They are tasty, vigorous, and highly adaptable. Most are fast-growing and suitable for small gardens and containers. Chinese vegetables can generally be broken into three groups: those easy to grow in temperate regions with cool and cold winters, those […] More

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    Cool-Season Vegetable Varieties Listed

    Garden bed cool season

    Cool-season vegetable varieties are legion. Check with neighbors and friends to see which varieties they’ve had success with. After a season or two, you will find personal favorites. Here are several varieties for autumn, winter, and spring planting. If you are growing in a cold frame, you can get any of these started between late […] More

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    Cool-Season and Warm-Season Crops

    Garden bed summer1

    The time for sowing depends upon where you live. What to plant depends upon the season and weather. Vegetables are generally divided into two categories: cool-season crops and warm-season crops. Cool-season crops and warm-season crops: Cool-season crops should be planted so that they mature when the weather is cool, either in spring or early summer […] More