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    How to Make Compost Tea

    Compost bin1

    Compost tea is excellent all-purpose plant food. Made from aged compost–organic materials that have finished decomposing, compost tea contains all of the major and minor nutrients plants require. It gives young plants a starter boost and older plants a pick-me-up. Not only that, but compost tea will ward off many common garden diseases and even […] More

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    How to Use Leaf Mold in the Garden

    Leaves into leaf mold

    Leaf mold is shredded flakes of partially decomposed leaves and tree litter. It is brownish black and on its way to becoming humus, one of the building blocks of great soil. Leaf mold can be used as a soil conditioner or as mulch in vegetable gardens and other planting beds. Leaf mold enriches and fertilizes […] More