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    Mid-Summer Fruit Calendar and Maintenance

    summer apple harvest

    Fruits are ripening by mid-summer. Keep fruit trees and vines thoroughly watered; avoid letting plants dry out, especially newly planted fruits and fruits growing in containers. Scavenging birds and insects will be looking for an opening as fruits ripen. Use bird netting or reflective tape to scare birds away; spray away insects with a strong […] More

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    Early Summer Fruit Calendar and Maintenance

    Strawberry patch

    Most soft fruits–strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and currants–are bearing or nearing maturity by early summer. Tree fruits–apples, pears, plums, peaches and nectarines–in early summer are developing fruit. Attention should be given to thinning, pruning, and watering. Here is a fruit-by-fruit growing guide for early summer: Support fruit trees. Support heavily laden branches with stout stakes […] More

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    Cold Frame Calendar

    Crop Protection1

    As the seasons progress there are several uses for a cold frame. • Start cool-temperature spring vegetable seeds and seedlings in late winter. • Start summer warm-temperature vegetable seeds and seedlings beginning in early- or mid-spring. • Start fall and winter crops under shade cover (replace the frame’s glass or plastic sash with framed shade […] More

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    Potato Harvest Calendar

    Potato harvest1

    The length of a potato’s growing season varies according to climate and variety. You can choose cultivars for each of three harvest periods. “First early potatoes”—grow rapidly, take little space, and are harvested early to midsummer when they are about the size of an egg. “Second early potatoes”—are midseason potatoes that grow rapidly, take little […] More