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    Flowering Bulbs Year-Round

    Seasonally, bulbs are usually divided into two main groups–the first being generally termed “fall bulbs” which means those that are dormant and should be planted in late summer and fall; and the second being called “spring bulbs,” meaning those that are dormant over the winter and must be planted in early spring. Fall bulbs include […] More

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    Caring for Flowering Bulbs

    Bulbs require care. Though they are seen only part of the year, they are year-round plants. They need feeding, water, and attention just like other plants. Here are tips for bulb care. (Bulb care suggestions include, rhizomes, corms, and tubers.) Fertilizing bulbs Watering bulbs Spring-blooming bulb care Summer-blooming bulbs Digging and storing summer-blooming bulbs Dividing […] More

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    How to Force Bulbs

    Forcing is a garden term for growing plants outside of their natural season. Forcing usually means making plants grow and bloom earlier than they normally would outdoors—usually in winter. Plants can be forced into growth and blooming by shielding them from the rigors of cold weather or they can be stimulated to grow and bloom […] More

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    Planting Flowering Bulbs

    Flowering bulbs are divided into two categories: spring-blooming bulbs and summer-blooming bulbs. Spring-blooming bulbs are planted in autumn. Spring-blooming bulbs include tulips, daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, scilla, and grape hyacinths. Summer-blooming bulbs are planted in late winter and early spring. Summer-blooming bulbs include cannas, dahlias, gladioli, and lilies. Bulbs are seasonal; you must purchase them near […] More

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    Designing with Flower Bulbs

    Flower bulbs are akin to perennial flowers when it comes to garden design. Consider the flower color and foliage color and texture when including bulbs in a flower bed or border. The term flower bulb is loosely used here; it includes corms, tubers, and rhizomes as well as true bulbs. Botanically speaking, all are modified […] More