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    How to Harvest and Store Arugula


    Harvest arugula when the leaves are big enough to eat. Harvest leaves one at a time cut and come again or cut off the entire head. Arugula is a fast-growing cool-season salad green. It is ready for harvest 30 to 40 days after sowing. Arugula leaves are tangy and peppery with a mustard-like flavor. Young […] More

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    Flowering Arugula

    Arugula is pungently peppery and well matched to milder salad greens and endive. Certainly, you can serve juvenile arugula on its own. Arugula flowers bring the same peppery dash to a salad and some wonderful color as well. Arugula flowers are white pinwheels with burgundy center stripes and veins. You can use arugula flowers as […] More

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    Arugula: Kitchen Basics

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    Arugula, young and tender, will have a nutty and slightly peppery flavor. Use arugula as a salad green alone or in combination with other greens. In Italian salads, arugula is often combined with radicchio and paler lettuces. In the mesclun salads of Provence, arugula is one of the zestier greens mixed with baby lettuces and […] More

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    Arugula: The Zesty Rocket

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    Late summer is the time to find fresh arugula at the farm market. You might find it under a few of its other names: garden rocket, rocket salad, rucchetta, rughetta, rucola (the Italian name), and roquette (the French name). The taste of arugula has been described as tangy, peppery, nutty and mustard sharp. You get […] More