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    Parsley Root: Kitchen Basics

    Parsley root with leaves

    Parsley root can be steamed, boiled, puréed, or creamed. Use parsley root in braises, soups, stews, and vegetable mixes to add depth and aroma. The flavor of parsley roots is somewhere between celeriac and carrot with hints of celery, turnip, and parsley leaf. Parsley root works particularly well in combination with other roots and tubers […] More

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    How to Cook and Serve Celeriac

    Sliced celeriac

    Celeriac can be served cooked or raw. Celeriac combines the sweet taste of the mildest celery with the light peppery zip of parsley. Celeriac—which is also known as celery root, celery knobs, and turnip-rooted celery—is a cool-weather vegetable that comes to harvest between late fall and early spring. How to Choose Celeriac Select large, smooth […] More

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    Eight Ways to Cook Turnips

    Turnips in kitchen

    Turnips can be cooked in several ways.  Roast turnips, braise turnips in butter, make turnip and potato purée, glaze turnips, or make a turnip gratin. Small young turnips are delicate and slightly sweet; larger more mature turnips can have the crisp flavor of an apple or offer the biting flavor of cabbage, mustard, or radish. […] More

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    Radish Serving and Cooking Tips

    Radish on lettuce

    Radishes are commonly eaten raw but they are also quite delicious cooked in butter. Radishes can taste mild and sweet or peppery and pungent. Common round and oblong radishes can be bright pink to crimson red, purple, and white. Daikon radishes –common in Asian cooking–are ivory. Black radishes–a winter radish–are spicy hot. Radishes are a […] More

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    Daikon: Kitchen Basics

    Daikon and green salad

    Daikon is a long white radish sweet-mild to peppery in flavor and juicy crisp. Daikon–which means “long root” in Japanese–is most commonly eaten raw or stir-fried. It is a staple in nearly all meals in Japan, Korea, and China. Daikon is often shredded and served as an accompaniment to Japanese raw fish dishes, such as […] More

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    Black Spanish Radish

    Radishes black1

    The Black Spanish Radish will add a zingy addition to a fresh garden salad. Some radishes—such as the French breakfast radish—can be mild and almost sweet. Others have a peppery flavor that will zip up your palate right into your nostrils. The black Spanish radish is one of them. The black Spanish radish is a winter-keeping […] More

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    Cooking Parsnips

    Roasted vegetables1

    After the first frost of the year, the starch in the parsnip converts to sugar and that is when parsnip eating gets good. The parsnip has a pleasantly sweet taste that combined with brown sugar, maple syrup, cream, apples or spices such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon or allspice, for instance, make it all the more […] More

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    Raw Beet Salad

    Beet root salad1

    A great beet salad for summer: shred raw beets and toss with a vinaigrette and lots of chopped parsley. Flavor. The sweet flavor of a beet’s root is affected by the speed of the plant’s growth. Beets that are allowed to mature more slowly in cooler soil and weather will be sweeter than those that […] More