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    Chestnut: Kitchen Basics


    Chestnuts can be roasted, boiled, grilled, braised, puréed, preserved, and candied. You can add shelled and peeled chestnuts finely diced or chopped to soups, stuffings, and salads. The rich, sweet taste of chestnuts is a good match for savory dishes such as game and poultry. The chestnut harvest runs from autumn through early spring. There […] More

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    Almonds: Kitchen Basics

    Almond on tree1

    The almond harvest happens in late summer, but you will find almonds at the farm market almost all year long. Almonds originated in Asia and North Africa, and the almond tree—which resembles a peach tree—can grow as high as 20 to 30 feet (6-9 m) tall. Because the almond is very sensitive to cold, the […] More