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    Donut Peach

    Peach donut peach1

    The donut peach is juicy and sweet—many say the best-tasting of all peaches. It has a creamy texture with a pit that does not cling. It is a peach wrapped in a nearly fuzzless skin. I want that peach! The donut peach The modern-day donut peach is the most ancient Chinese pan tao peach. It’s […] More

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    Peach Varieties

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    There are more than 2,000 varieties of peaches. That’s a lot to choose from. There is no better way to pick a peach (and spend a day) than taste testing peaches at your local farmers market. There is a favorite peach taste for everybody. To find the best peach, first take a whiff: a ripe […] More

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    Peaches: Kitchen Basics

    Peaches and cream1

    Half a peach poached in syrup served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with raspberry purée: peach Melba. Barely chilled peach slices served with sugar and cream: peach Mom. Auguste Escoffier—the most famous chef of his time–created peach Melba in 1892 in honor of the Australian opera singer Nellie Melba. Peach Mom has […] More