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    Olive Growing

    Olive tree and mustard

    Olives are a good choice for the small garden in regions where summers are long, hot, and dry. Olives are attractive for their billowing habit, gray-green foliage, and gnarled branching patterns. Olives are easy to care for. They require little water once established, little pruning, and have few serious pests or diseases. All olives must […] More

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    Olives: Kitchen Basics

    Olive ripe on tree

    Olives are fruits. They are either cured for table consumption or pressed for cooking oil. Black olives are ripe. Green olives are not. Green olives have a salty, tart taste. Black olives have a smooth, mellow taste. Green olives are served pitted, unpitted, or stuffed. Green olives are sometimes stuffed with pimiento, anchovies, tiny onions, […] More