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    October Garden in the Northern Hemisphere

    Harvest roots

      The name October comes from the Latin word for eight, “octo”. October was the eighth month in the Roman calendar. That all changed in the sixteenth century when the Gregorian calendar was adopted. Now, October is the tenth month. The whole reason for changing the calendar came with the notion of bringing the calendar […] More

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    October Garden in the Southern Hemisphere


    October is the month of greatest change in the southern hemisphere vegetable garden; spring is here. Now is the time to plant with the summer reward in mind. Plant tomato, eggplant, capsicum, cucumber, sweet corn, marrow, melons, zucchini, and pumpkin this month in all but the coldest regions of the southern hemisphere. Plant beets and […] More

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    End of October Harvest

    As October comes to a close, the final harvest of the hardier vine crops is underway and the fresh fall pickings of greens and root crops have begun. Kale is approaching full maturity and cabbages are starting to slow down in their growth. Now is the time to enjoy your final fresh pickings of tender […] More

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    Early October Fresh Harvest

    Clear October days are great for taking walks and picking up bright fall leaves. If you are headed to the farm market this week, keep in mind that in many regions of the the northern hemisphere the first true frost of autumn is just around the corner. Eggplant and peppers will soon be making their […] More