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    Vegetable Seed and Seedling Problems


    Successful seed and seedlings growth depend on moisture, warmth, air, and light. Seeds and seedlings, as well, require optimal temperatures, even watering, open air circulation, and bright light to thrive. When vegetable seeds fail to sprout or when seedlings wither and die what could the problem be? Often the answer is simple. Seeds Fail to […] More

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    Pre-Sprouting Vegetable Seeds


    Pre-sprouting vegetable seed will help you avoid over-sowing in the greenhouse or garden. Pre-sprouting also answers the question: Is this seed still viable? To pre-sprout seeds place the seeds on a damp paper towel. Make sure that the seeds are well spaced and not touching one another. Fold the towel in half. Alternatively, place the […] More

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    Seed Failure Troubleshooting

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    When a seed fails to sprout there is usually a simple and easily correctable reason. Here are the most common reasons seeds do not sprout along with troubleshooting solutions. Soil is too dry. Small seeds sown very near the surface often fail from lack of moisture. They may have enough moisture to germinate, but then […] More