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    Vegetable Garden Seasonal Calendar


    The seasons come and go at different times of the year depending upon where you live—Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere and the latitude within those regions. Early spring might start in February in Southern California and early May in Maine. The closer you live to the equator the less winter temperatures will play a role […] More

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    Ready Your Garden for Spring

    Planting Bed Preparation

      Spring is coming soon!  Here are some early spring tips for your garden. Warm Your Garden Before Planting Pre-warm cold soil before sowing or transplanting warm-weather crops into the garden. Black or clear plastic sheeting is a simple and inexpensive way to warm the soil and get a jump on the growing season. Continue […] More

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    Late Summer Vegetable Garden

    Zucchini on vine1

    Begin to think about harvest in mid to late summer. Warm-weather crops will be ready then. Keeping the soil evenly moist as crops finish maturing is important; you will stop watering many crops just a week or two before picking to concentrate flavor. Succession planting of summer crops where there is enough season left before […] More