• Garden Tips for September

    Fall vegetable garden

    The weather will direct your efforts in the vegetable garden in early autumn–September. Frost may strike even the mildest regions in early autumn. Know the average first frost date for your area. This date will allow you to plan your garden activities; you may have plenty of days to get new crops in or you […] More

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  • September Vegetable Garden

    Summer squash and zucchini

    Vegetable crops will begin to take longer to ripen in September. Give melons, limas, and tomatoes more time to ripen naturally. Eggplants are ready for harvest when they are shiny. Beans, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, and summer squash will not ripen or mature once they are picked. They will keep for a week or two in […] More

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  • November Vegetable Garden

    Greens and roots in the late autumn garden

    November is a busy month in the kitchen garden. Many gardeners would say November is the most important month–now is the time to prepare the soil for next spring and afterward put the garden to bed for the winter. (Of course, winter vegetable gardening can be very rewarding. So if you are continuing the fresh […] More

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  • Cold Frame Calendar

    Cold frame

    A cold frame is a bottomless box with a clear or translucent top. It is set on the ground or over a planting bed to capture solar energy and heat the air, soil, and plants inside. A cold frame can extend the growing season by one to several months. A cold frame can keep plants […] More

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  • How to Plant and Grow Strawberries

    Strawberry plant

    Strawberries are the earliest fruit to harvest in spring. Strawberries also come to harvest in summer and fall, and in winter as well in many regions—if you plant the right varieties. Strawberries are easy to grow but they do require some attention to ensure a bountiful crop. Choose cultivars that grow well in your region. […] More

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  • Radish Seed Starting Tips

    Radish seedlings

    Radishes grow best in the cooler time of the year. Most are hardy to spring and autumn chills; a few varieties can withstand the summer heat. Sow seeds for small early varieties 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. Plant midseason or summer varieties in mid to late spring. Late varieties—called winter radishes—should be […] More

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  • Cauliflower Seed Starting Tips

    Cauliflower seedlings

    Cauliflower is a cool-season crop. Cauliflower thrives in temperatures between 57°F and 68°F (14°C-20°C). Set cauliflower seedlings in the garden about two or three weeks before the average last frost date, not earlier. Sow cauliflower seeds indoors 4 to 6 weeks before setting seedlings in the garden. Cauliflower grows best at 57° to 68°F (14°-20°C). […] More

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  • How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Radishes

    Radish seedlings

    Radishes are one of the easiest crops to grow. The radish is a cool-weather crop. Grow radishes in spring or fall for the best flavor and texture. Radish is ready to eat as few as three weeks after sowing seeds. It is easy to understand why radishes are a favorite of home gardeners. Spring radishes […] More

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  • How to Grow Apples

    Apple tree with fruit1

    The apple is a hardy, deciduous woody perennial tree that grows in all temperate zones. Apples grow best where there is cold in winter, moderate summer temperatures, and medium to high humidity. There are apples for fresh eating, some for cooking, and some for preserving. Some apples are sweet and some are tart. Some apples […] More

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  • Celery Seed Starting Tips

    Seedling Celery 1

    Grow an early and late or main crop of celery each growing season. The early crop will be harvested in August; the late crop will be harvested in September or October, before the first fall frost. Start celery seed indoors. Sow seed for the early or August harvest in February. Set young plants in the […] More

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  • How to Plant, Grow, Prune, and Harvest Raspberry

    Raspberries on vine

    Raspberries are perhaps the most delicate fruit. This makes them a good choice for home growing and fresh picking. Just harvested raspberries quickly pass from ripe to overripe. It is difficult to find them just right at the market; they should be eaten within a day or two of picking, otherwise, they should be frozen […] More

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