The Kitchen Garden Growers’ Guide:
A practical vegetable and herb garden encyclopedia

If you’ve ever thought you ought to cook and eat more fresh vegetables and herbs, and if you’ve ever thought you’d like to grow your own great-tasting organic food, then this book is for you. In The Kitchen Garden Grower’s Guide: A practical vegetable and herb garden encyclopedia, author, master gardener and certified nurseryman Stephen Albert shares all the particulars to maintaining and serving from a small kitchen garden, which produces vegetables, salad greens, herbs, and small vine fruits for the home table. In essence, it’s an intimate garden situated close to the kitchen that offers the best ingredients – ready to be fresh – picked at the peak of ripeness and used in scrumptious meals in your kitchen.

Whether you are starting a kitchen garden for the first time or an old hand at gardening, this book has information you can use today. Finally, an easy-to-use, how-to-grow guide for the most commonly grown and used kitchen garden crops. Here you will find all you need to grow more than eighty different edible plants. This is a veritable encyclopedia of the most common kitchen garden plants easily grown in temperate, cold and subtropical climates. From planting depth to directive on pruning and preserves, this book is a bible for the kitchen gardener and cook, simple guidance to bring fresh, inexpensive and healthy food from your garden to your table.

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