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    When to Plant a Fall Vegetable Garden

    Cabbage and Frost

    Planting a fall vegetable garden is a matter of timing. Most fall vegetable garden crops are cool-weather vegetables; they include many of the same crops you plant in the spring vegetable garden. The time to plant vegetables for fall and winter harvest is mostly determined by temperature, specifically when you expect the first frost or […] More

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    Planting for Fall and Winter Harvest

    Cool weather crops

    Planning and planting for fall and winter harvest should begin in early- to mid-summer depending on how soon cold weather will arrive in your region. Where growing seasons are shorter—USDA Zones 4-7—and summers are cooler, cool-weather crops for harvest in fall and winter harvest should be planted in June. If your growing season is longer […] More

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    Hardy Vegetables for Second-Season Garden

    Cool weather crops1

    Mid- to late-summer is an ideal time to plant a second-season vegetable garden that will come to harvest in fall. Hardy, cool-weather crops are well suited for the second-season garden. Cool-weather crops like to get their start in warm soil and come to maturity when days and nights are cool. Cool weather vegetables include leafy […] More

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    Fall Harvest Vegetable Varieties

    Harvest in cool season1

    Fall harvest crops are planted in mid- to late-summer.  These cool-season crops get a quick start from seed or seedling in warm summer soil and come to maturity in the cool days of autumn. Choose crop varieties with shorter days to harvest; some cabbage takes 90 days to harvest; other varieties are ready sooner. Choose varieties […] More

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    Vegetables for Fall Harvest

    Harvest roots1

    Leafy greens, root vegetables, and members of the cabbage family are good fall harvest crops. These crops can be planted in mid- to late-summer for fall harvest. Fall harvest crops are generally cool-weather crops, the same ones commonly planted in late winter or early spring for late spring or early summer harvest. Where autumn weather […] More