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    Crop Rotation in Small Vegetable Garden

    Planting beds

    Crop rotation means moving vegetables around the garden to maintain soil fertility. By rotating crops from one spot to another each season—or even in the same season, you can preserve and even boost nutrients in the soil. Differing crops use different amounts of soil nutrients and a few crops add nutrients to the soil. How […] More

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    Succession Cropping

    Crop succession1

    Succession cropping will help you get the most out of your vegetable garden. Here are two succession cropping strategies: • Plant a portion of a specific crop a little bit at a time; for example, plant a row of beans today and a second row three weeks from now. This will allow for a staggered […] More

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    Succession Planting–Be An Expert

    Garden bed yields1

    Succession planting means growing different crops in the same space one right after the other in the same season or planting the same crop in different parts of the garden in succession at different times. Succession planting results in a succession of harvests–a long continuous harvest season. Two Examples of Succession Planting A row of […] More