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    Cumulus Clouds–Fair Weather to Rain

    Cloud Cumulus with mountain

    Cumulus clouds commonly indicate fair weather. Cumulus clouds are often seen on bright summer days. Cumulus clouds are flat at the bottom and billowy above. They are formed by a mass of unstable air, usually air warmed at the ground that is rising. As the warm air rises from the earth—often the air is rising […] More

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    Clouds and Predicting the Weather

    Cloud Cirrus horizontal

    Clouds often indicate weather changes. The source of clouds is water that evaporates into the air. The water can come from oceans, lakes, and rivers. Plants also give off water vapor. Clouds form when water vapor cools and condenses. Condensed water droplets ride air currents as clouds. Water droplets riding air currents may (1) simply […] More

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    Weather and When to Plant

    Photos from Old Computer 6063

    Vegetable garden planting is simply based on the premise that cool weather crops need cool weather to mature and warm weather crops need warm weather. Most vegetable gardeners need a year or two of trial and error plantings and attentive record keeping to know when is the best time to plant in their garden. To […] More