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    Garden Tips for October

    Pumpkin in October

    October is the right time to prepare for the coming frost and cold weather. How will you extend the season if your summer crops are not yet ready for harvest? How will you protect your autumn and winter garden from snow and freezing temperatures? We have put together a roundup of things to do starting […] More

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    Vegetable Garden Tips for May

    Planting bean seeds

    May is the month when the vegetable garden begins to look more and more like the summer garden. By mid-month, most warm-season crops can be sown or transplants out in the garden without worry. (If nights are still chilly where you live, keep row covers and other crop protectors at the ready.) By the end […] More

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    May Vegetable Garden Things To Do

    tomato planting

    May is the month to get your summer vegetable garden growing in earnest. Warm-season crops can be sown in the garden or transplants set out. The soil in most vegetable gardens in the Northern Hemisphere should now be warm enough for summer crops. If you live where nights can get chilly, keep row covers at […] More

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    March Vegetable Garden Zone-by-Zone

    Spring onion seedlings1

    March is a month of great transition in the vegetable garden. Spring for the northern hemisphere will arrive on March 20. In the warmest regions–United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Plant Hardiness Zones 9 through 11–warming temperatures have arrived. Planting can go forward this month. In USDA Zones 7 and 8, preparation for spring planting […] More

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    September Vegetable Garden

    Summer squash and zucchini

    Vegetable crops will begin to take longer to ripen in September. Give melons, limas, and tomatoes more time to ripen naturally. Eggplants are ready for harvest when they are shiny. Beans, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, and summer squash will not ripen or mature once they are picked. They will keep for a week or two in […] More

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    Late Summer Vegetable Garden

    Zucchini on vine1

    Begin to think about harvest in mid to late summer. Warm-weather crops will be ready then. Keeping the soil evenly moist as crops finish maturing is important; you will stop watering many crops just a week or two before picking to concentrate flavor. Succession planting of summer crops where there is enough season left before […] More

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    July Vegetable Garden

    Cucumber seedling

    July in the Northern Hemisphere is the month to begin enjoying the fruits of your labor in the vegetable garden. Warm-weather crops will start coming to harvest this month. Getting crops picked at the peak of ripeness is important if you want to enjoy the tastiest and most tender harvest. Look back at your planting […] More

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    Summer Crops Planting Guides

    Late spring and early summer is the time to set out heat-loving crops–tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, zucchini, squashes, cucumbers, okra, and melons. Plant these crops where they will get plenty of sunshine for rapid growth and timely harvests. Work plenty of aged compost or commercial organic planting mix into the beds, mounds, and hills ahead […] More

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    May Vegetable Garden Zone-by-Zone

    Vegetable garden planting

      May is the month to get your summer vegetable garden planted and growing. Almost all warm-season crops can either be sown or transplanted into the garden by mid-May. If you live in a short growing season region (Zones 3 to 6) keep crop protecting devices such as row covers and plastic hoop tunnels and […] More