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    November Garden in the Northern Hemisphere

    If Novem is the Latin word for nine, then why is November the eleventh month of the year? It all started in 46 B.C, when Julius Caesar asked the astronomer Sosigenes to review the calendar and improve it. Calendars are systems for measuring and recording the passage of time. Nature gives us a regular sequence […] More

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    Autumn Soil Care

    Winter Mulch1

    Autumn is a good time to begin preparing the vegetable garden for spring planting. Remove woody and diseased plant debris from the garden as soon as the harvest is complete–pull up tomato vines and beans and remove late cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli stalks. Plant debris that is not diseased can be finely chopped and added […] More

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    Planting Lettuce

    Lettuce seedlings

      Ready to stretch your growing season: get an early start in spring or keep the season going in autumn? Lettuce is your choice. Lettuce does not like warm days and nights, so the cool time of the year is the lettuce season. You can lengthen your growing season dramatically with a lettuce box–that’s a […] More

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    How to Compost Faster

    Compost bins1

    Composting turns garden and kitchen waste into humus. Humus is Nature’s best fertilizer and soil conditioner. The process of decomposition that we call composting happens in nature as billions of microorganisms feed, grow, reproduce, and die as they recycle kitchen and garden waste. Compost will happen gradually over time. Set a pile of leaves or […] More

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    February Garden In The Northern Hemisphere

    February is, no doubt, a cold and stormy month in the northern half of the world and cabbage and kale are popular vegetables for harvesting and cooking this month. Here is list of other vegetables and fruits that will come to harvest in February in the some regions of the northern hemisphere: Vegetables: asparagus, Brussels […] More

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    May Cool Regions Planting and Garden Checklist

    Here is a vegetable and fruit planting guide for cooler regions for the month of May and a food garden checklist. In the United States, late frost is possible this month in all or part of the states in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, eastern Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains and Plains regions. These regions include the U.S. […] More