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    How to Grow Salsa

    Salsa ingredients1

    Tomato, pepper, onion, garlic, and cilantro, basil, or parsley: the basic ingredients of salsa crudas, fresh salsa. How to Make Fresh Salsa Core and cut two medium ripe tomatoes. Add one clove of garlic minced. Add half a white or red onion diced. Add a jalapeno, Serrano, or green or red bell pepper chopped fine. […] More

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    Pepper Harvest Tips

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    Sweet peppers can be picked when immature or full size, green or red–as soon as they are big enough to use. Hot peppers can be picked at any time–any size or color–for fresh use; hot peppers for drying or pickling should be picked when fully ripe. Pick all peppers before the first light frost. Most […] More

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    Pepper Growing Tips

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    Peppers–sweet and hot–are native to the tropics. They require much the same cultural treatment as tomatoes, except that peppers are perhaps a bit more tender. The easiest way to start peppers is to buy transplants at the garden center. If you start peppers from seed outdoors, sow seeds in pots in mid-spring for transplant in […] More

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    Blossom End Rot

    End Rot

    Blossom end rot is a black, sunken area at the blossom end of tomatoes or peppers. The blossom end is the end of the fruit opposite the stem. Blossom end rot is most often seen on green fruits, usually the first fruits to appear on the plant. Blossom end rot is caused by calcium deficiency […] More

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    Pepper Growing Problems: Troubleshooting

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    Peppers–sweet peppers and hot peppers–share nearly all of the cultural and growing requirements of tomatoes. If you can grow tomatoes, you can grow peppers. Choose a site with full sun where the soil is moisture retentive but well-draining. If you are planting sweet peppers and hot peppers in the garden, give them some distance they […] More