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    Vegetable Home Canning Cautions

    Canned carrots1

    Vegetables—unlike fruits–are low in acid so it is important to use prescribed methods and equipment when canning the overflow of summer and fall harvest. Use a steam pressure canner for vegetables. Low acid foods must be processed in a pressure canner to be free of botulism and other bacteria, mold, and yeast growth risks. (You […] More

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    How to Make White Stock for Soups

    Veal bones for white stock3

    White stock is full bodied with little or no color—and, on its own,nearly  neutral flavor. Use white stock to amplify the flavors of the foods added to it. Dried vegetable soups–black bean, white-navy bean, lima bean, kidney bean, whole and split pea, and lentil–are made with white stock. Reduce white stock to use as a […] More

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    How to Make Vegetable Stock With No Recipe

    Vegetable broth1

    Vegetable stocks draw their flavor entirely from vegetables and water and, sometimes, herbs and spices, and wine. Vegetable stock can be served alone or used to flavor soups, sauces, meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Use vegetable stock for light, healthy dishes. Vegetable stock—also called vegetable broth–is a clear, thin flavored liquid—the flavor is determined by […] More

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    Baby Beets: Steamed, Baked, Pickled

    Beets steamed1

    Baby beets are beets harvested just as they have started to round out. Leave these beets until they mature and you can call them table beets. Baby beets—just about the size of a ping-pong ball—have the most delicate taste and texture. Table beets—as big as your fist—still taste good, but don’t let them grow much […] More

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    Dried Beans: Cooking

    Beans dried soaking in water1

    Dried beans eaten fresh meaning during the season just after they have been harvested and dried–will undoubtedly be the best tasting. But a big plus for dried beans is that they have a long shelf life if stored in a dry, cool, airtight container away from sunlight. Quite easily, you can keep dried beans on […] More

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    Vegetable Fritters and Tempura

    Fritters corn1

    Vegetables mixed with a batter and dropped into hot fat or vegetables dipped in batter and fried. Fritters or tempura? Yes! The term fritter is used for both of these preparations. And tempura is not far behind. Here are quick directions for an almost vegetable fritter you can whip up using the leftover vegetables in […] More